Step 2:

Compliance Audits with Digital Photos 

  • Steps for Establishing a Safer Chemicals Storage Area, Science Safety Handbook, Pages 32-34
  • Nonstructural Hazard Identification of Earthquake Hazards, Science Safety Handbook, Pages 98-99
  • Safety Checklist for Science Instruction, Preparation, and Storage Areas, Science Safety Handbook, Appendix H
  • Science Laboratory Safety/Liability Checklist, Science Safety Handbook, Appendix L
  • Digital photos of chemical storage areas
  • Corrective action comments for each checklist
  • electrical-cords-trip-hazard-and-fire-extinguisher-unmounted
  • general-clutter-&-fire-hazard-need-3-ft-walkway
  • missing-fire-extinguisher
  • tv-on-cart-without-strap
  • photo-5_2
  • photo-4_3
  • photos_1
  • potassium-hydroxide-blowing-its-top-2